Norman Long Sword Functional

Inspired from swords used during the 12th &13th century, this is a one hand sword and is fully functional. Made from Carbon Steel and hardness 52-56, this is a fully functional sword.

Overall length being 100 cms and blade length 83 cms, it comes with a ribbed leather-covered grip that gives great control. The tang is substantial, with radiused corners at the blade shoulders and no welds. The end of the tang is peened through the pommel. Blade breadth is 4.5 cm at cross-guard and the hilt length is13 cm. With a striking edge of 3 mm and an approximate weight of 1.3 kgs, this is a historically accurate reproduction. The brazil-nut pommel dates this sword to the late Viking / early Norman period. Swords with both black and polished blades are available.


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