About us


SNWORLDWIDE EXPORTS PVT LTD stands as a prominent name among manufacturers and exporters of ancient replicas, ushering the artistic and craftsmanship of bygone eras into the modern world.

Our diverse range of products hails from the medieval era, encompassing Chainmail and Plate Armor, Leather Armor, Medieval Clothing, Helmets, Shields, Swords, and other weaponry, as well as Medieval Camping gear, Damascus steel, and exquisite Horn & Bone items. Notably, our extensive collection of precisely replicated Souvenirs and Miniatures, featuring helmets, swords, shields, and armor, are highly sought after in gift stores. Furthermore, we play a significant role in the film and television industry, offering an economical and highly practical series of Fantasy and Movie Armor.


Our ceaseless pursuit involves the perpetual scrutiny of both products and procedures to guarantee the embodiment of optimum standards and the epitome of quality in our production.
Our unwavering allegiance is to the enforcement of stringent delivery timelines and a well-thought-out pricing strategy that has solidified our global footprint. Punctuality is our hallmark. With a rich history spanning many years, we have consistently upheld our promise to dispatch our products with clockwork precision, maintaining an exemplary 99% on-time delivery track record.

Our Accolades

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