Medieval Chainmail Coif – V-Face Butted 10mm 16g rings

Our standard-size coif has a forehead circumference of 26 inches. With an overall length of 18″-20″ and a bottom edge circumference of 56″, it fits almost everyone. The chainmail rings have a 10mm inner diameter and are made with 16 gauge wire.

For a good fit, wear all clothing/padding before taking measurements.

2Kg 180grams (for coif with brass edges)
2Kg 200grams (for coif without brass edges)

Reference ID:
1401BK – 7-99
1401ZP – 7-99
1401ZP&BS- 8-99
1401BK&BS- 8-99


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Zinc polished, Blackened, Black with brass edges, Zinc polished with brass edges, Black with silver edges, Zinc Polished with Black Edges


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