Lorica Hamata Butted Mild Steel Rings 10mm 16g

The Lorica Hamata is a type of chainmail armor that was invented by the Celts and later adopted by the Romans.Our mail shirt is sleeveless and reaches to about mid-thigh. The shoulder doubling is shaped like a square-bottomed U and is lined with leather piping which is folded over the edges and stitched through. The doubling is attached to the body by a row of rings along the back bottom edge. Fixed to the center of the chest is a pair of S-shaped hooks of brass, which can be hooked onto a stud on each flap.

Available in four sizes:
• Medium (chest size – 46 inches)
• Large (chest size – 52 inches)
• Extra Large (chest size – 58 inches)
• Double Extra Large (chest size – 64 inches)

For a good fit, wear all clothing/padding before taking measurements. Anybody opting for a medium size shirt should have a maximum chest size of 40 inches with the gambeson on. Our medium size gambeson would fit under our standard medium-size Lorica Hamata.

Medium: 8Kg
Large: 9Kg 200grams
Extra-large: 10Kg 850grams
Double extra-large: 12Kg 250grams


Reference ID: 
Medium- 100
Large- 113-71
Extra large- 132-57
Double extra large- 148-57


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