Chainmail Haubergeon (Full Sleeves) Butted 10mm 16gauge

This Chainmail Haubergeon is a shirt of mid-thigh length with full-length sleeves. Each of these incredible chainmail shirts is painstakingly and skillfully created by hand, to form a continuous blanket of metal ring protection. Our craftsmen use the most authentic medieval 4-in-1 pattern of mail.

Haubergeons are available in five sizes, namely,
• Small (chest size – 40 inches)
• Medium (chest size – 46 inches)
• Large (chest size – 52 inches)
• Extra Large (chest size – 58 inches)
• Double Extra Large (chest size – 64 inches)

For a good fit, wear all clothing/padding before taking measurements. Anybody opting for a medium size shirt should have a maximum chest size of 40 inches with the gambeson on. Our medium-sized gambeson would fit under our standard medium size Haubergeon.

Medium: 8Kg
Large: 9Kg 500grams
Extra large: 11Kg
Double extra-large: 12Kg 750grams

Reference ID:
Medium: 32-06
Large: 39-41



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